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Pitch Decks & Product Presentations

Partnering with the right retailer for your brand should be a mutually beneficial deal. The product line that you present must be as attractive as possible, while the retailer must be able to meet your brand’s needs. When taking on a new product or brand, there is a shared sense of risk between the distributor and the retailer on the longevity of the brand and the customer response to it’s launch. It’s important to present your brand in a way that eliminates this notion of risk and entices the endorsement of your brand. This is where our Pitch Decks and Product Presentations come in.

Our team at SearchCore will create a pitch deck for your brand that speaks volumes about what you can offer a retail space and it’s consumers. If your product is market-ready and offers substantial value to the customer, then let the product speak for itself.  Stunning visuals paired with statistics that set your product apart from the competition will help paint the picture of a successful business relationship between brand and retailer. After gathering information about your target market, SKU’s, sales history and more, we’ll lay it out in a compelling presentation that does all the talking to close the deal.

As a brand owner, it’s cumbersome to make travel arrangements across the country to present your product and pitch a distributor deal. By utilizing our presentation service, you’ll have turnkey marketing collateral that can be sent out electronically, in bulk, saving you time and increasing your sales reach. As an add on, our Sales team can perform this service for you so that you can maintain focus on your core business.