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Competitor Research & Analysis

Business is all about being one step ahead of the competition. If you are looking to be a globally dominant brand, you’ll first need to know what you’re up against. By analyzing your competitors quality and price points, we’ll be able to identify your weaknesses and quickly implement changes to strengthen your product. This service is critical to your overall product launch. Expanding a brand globally is a large feat, and it is done by first researching the competitor and tactfully providing better value. This is typically the first step that SearchCore takes before we dive into a master distribution plan.

Our Analysts will do thorough research on your overall branding, how your product functions in comparison to its expectations and what your COGS is compared to your MSRP. Based on that general research, we’ll have a better idea of how you’ll perform in certain global markets and how we can exceed your business objectives. 

Retailers and distributors are presented new products for their catalogs daily. We want to make sure that those other offers pale in comparison to your products. Our team will make tweaks to your product if the quality isn’t there, whether that’s through packaging, swapping components or streamlining your production process. We’ll comb over the legalities too, making sure you have all the necessary barcodes for our retailers, and that you follow SOPs to meet your industry’s regulations and guidelines.