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Customized Display Units

Our love for displays stems from our belief that they act as mini-stores for your brand without the astronomical overhead of labor, rent, and utilities. In addition, the persuasive nature behind a product display can drastically enhance a brand’s marginal sales. Picture this: You are shopping at your local grocery store for a gathering that you’re hosting this weekend. Normally, you’d walk down the chips and dip aisle and browse for a few minutes until you land on something familiar that’s within your price point. Wouldn’t it be far easier if, while walking through the store, a big display of chips and dip were right in the middle of the main aisle? Or, perhaps there’s a brand new flavor of chips that is appealing in both product type and the way it’s presented in the store. You’d likely grab a bag since they are conveniently in reach and have caught your attention, right?  This is the power of a Point of Purchase (POP) Display

There are three key targets that are hit with a POP Display: brand dominance in a retail space, ease of purchase for the consumer and a competitive edge compared to the brands on the shelf. Custom product displays provide retailers with an enhanced shopping experience for their consumers, which increases the likelihood of them carrying your brand. When a product that we distribute comes with a branded display unit, we normally see an increase in market interest by 72% compared to products without customized displays. The proof is in the consumer behavior: the more dominant your branding, the more your product will be purchased.

Our team of designers can create custom POP displays for your product that engage the consumer and appeal to stores across the globe. We will strategically choose the material that best suits your brand, whether it be a corrugated display, acrylic or wood. The more creative and attention-grabbing we can make it, the stronger your brand recognition will become. If you prefer to have a smaller product display that encourages an impulse buy, we also offer Custom Point of Sale (POS) Displays. These displays are typically what you see on countertops and near check-out at stores. Convenient and highly portable, POS Displays are perfect for c-stores and brick and mortar shops. They offer a strategic way to get in front of the customer when they are in ready-to-buy-mode.