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Implementing Lean Manufacturing

As experts in the field of lean manufacturing, our team can thoroughly analyze your production processes to ensure your COGS is as low as possible. Many businesses maximize their production capacity while failing to assess their lack of machinery, overuse of manual labor, inefficient purchasing and many other variable costs. By the time these inefficiencies have shown themselves, your product has already deflated it’s profit margin. The motivation to expand production will diminish because of the lack of capital to scale and a loss of interest from retailers will begin to surface. By utilizing our services, together we can beat these business calamities to the punch.

With the extensive knowledge of manufacturing and warehousing logistics, our team will be able to immediately identify the pain points within your company. We will take a deep look into your packaging and kitting costs along with your fulfillment processes. Our team will evaluate your assembly line and suggest proper machinery to streamline the process and increase output. We’ll take a look at the salary and wages you offer and how they compare to industry standards per position, and we’ll dive into your software usage and how that helps or hinders your overall operations.

There are a multitude of fixed and variable costs that go into manufacturing a product, all of which affect your profit margins. The end goal for us is to confidently implement a lean manufacturing strategy to lower your per-item cost, thus increasing your margins and the overall profitability of your business.