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Reaching Global Markets

As leaders in global distribution, this is easily one of our most requested services by our clients. The reason for that is simple: we have one of the largest networks of retailers in the United States and in over 120 countries. Our network trusts our product recommendations and accepts almost every brand that we bring to their table. Earning access to our unique partnerships will give you the leverage you need to get your product in those hard to reach spaces.

Pairing your business with the right professionals to represent your brand and close the deal may be the difference in adding massive revenue to your bottom line in an accelerated timeline. Our sales team is comprised of highly trained individuals in diverse markets such as CBD, tobacco and nicotine, wellness, direct raw materials, health and beauty, machinery equipment and more. With a variety of knowledge in each industry, our market reach capabilities are tremendous.

Our network is comprised of big-box retailers, c-stores, brick and mortar, online retailers, and distributors of all sizes. Some of our large scale distribution partners include Costco, Core-Mark, McLane, and Walmart. By leveraging our connections, your dreams of global expansion are fully in reach. If your brand isn’t ready for explosive growth just yet, we can tailor the distribution strategy to meet your needs. Based on your target audience, we will put your brand in front of the retailers and distributors that will give you the highest return on investment.